A space, just for you, to be inspired and innovate


Did you know that companies with their own R&D & innovation department are on average 12% more profitable? But who has the enough space or budget to do that these days? Well at ProCo, we have created the perfect environment for you to innovate, plan & Execute your marketing campaigns. Earlier this week, Jon Bailey went to our White Room to see what it’s all about.


360 degree white board on every wall

The white room is packed with technology for really easy presentations it has amazingly flexible furniture for lecture theatre style or casual style seating. There are literally hundreds of innovations, substrates, special effects and technologies that you can touch feel and explore. We even have the facility to rent you an indigo with an operator if you really want to get hands on (you can keep all that you produce).

It is perfect for taking your team or partners away from the office so that you don’t get disturbed and having a really good brain storm. If you need a referee or invigilator our resident print geek and expert John Charnock is available to challenge ideas and highlight new and exciting things that are going on in the print and media worlds.


Here is the ProCo Spark video showing you all about what goes on in the white room.

If you want to use the white room for your meeting or gathering or if you want to take part in a spark course.

call us on 0114 2728888, email jon.bailey@proco.com and who knows what you will discover and learn in the white room. The white room is free to use for customers and Partners if you want to be a partner of Spark and be part of the learning experience email John Charnock at John.charnock@proco.com


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