Will Nigel Botterill from Entrepreneurs Circle end up in a nasty bind?


Our  story comes to you from Solihull in Birmingham and it is a wonderful tale of how a one of our sales people came up with a simple idea which helped bring a very personal project to life,  it created  real lasting memories and added real value to a business owner which spread to the business as well.



Full and Half Canadian Binding?


Wiro binding can be a really great feature to help a product stand out but sometimes it’s better to have the wire hidden away and that is where “Canadian” binding comes into its own.

Not only  giving the ability to have a printed spine but a perfect bound look and feel but for less cost. The wrap around cover can also be an impressive 8 page zig zag cover for greater impact


So what is Half Canadian binding if that is full?


Half Canadian is where there is still a spine but the cover is cut revealing half of the wire loops to create a different look again. (obvious once you know really)




If you want a full Canadian or even a Half  one why not get into contact with us and we can advise you on the best finishing solutions for your project

call us on 0114 2728888, email jon.bailey@proco.com and who knows what exciting solutions we could bring to you that have as bing an impact as this little spark had on Nigel – Thank you Nigel for your insight.



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