Glitter paper without the fuss!


In the run up to Christmas, whether it’s a consumer product or a DM campaign for your retail stores everybody is looking for a way to differentiate themselves and get real cut through. This year, forget Buzz Lightyear and Speaking Elmo, the must have product is actually Diamond Print Glitter paper from Harmony Papers!

Now possibly many of you have tried glitter paper before – Its a nightmare for the printer and the consumer. Normal glitter paper you get BITS EVERYWHERE and they stick to you like glue. Inside a press it requires a wash up every time if it doesn’t wreck the whole press. Well not only does Diamond Print glitter paper not shed bits it is also compatible with many digital presses and is approved on the HP Indigo press.

Here is what Harmony papers have to say about this amazing product.

Here is the technical stuff:

Diamond print is available in two colours Crystal (White) and Champagne (Cream)

Paper Grammages are 180gsm, 260gsm, (240 indigo) and  340 gsm

It is available on 0.006″ 1524mm PET for large format – Great for Point of Sale

It is available for Offset, HP Indigo and as large format. The PET can be vacuum formed for packaging and shaping.


If you fancy using Glitter in your next campaign or would like a sample to see.


call us on 0114 2728888, email and who knows what exciting impact you could have for your next campaign. Its not just glitter paper we have all sorts of exciting substrates finishes and effects that you could use. If you want to know moor book a white room experience where we will share with you all the substrates and effects under the sun (or snow).


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