360 degree video used for retail strategy and analysis


360 degree video can be used in lots of different ways. From visualising a space, to showing a immersive walkthrough of an event or attraction, right through to being used to map out point of sale, design shop layouts and carrying out full store audits from the comfort of your own office chair.

We spoke with CardZone who wanted some help with their POS so we went to a couple of their stores and created a virtual reality tour of a store so that we could all sit down in a workshop and discuss their POS strategy and how ProCo could help them with their Point of Sale and general store layout.


Here is the Cardzone tour that we created.

As you enter the store click on the ProCo logo on the right to see what we recommended.



To see this tour on a VR headset go to http://doncaster.cz.360map.co.uk/ 


Once we had shot the store we held a workshop with the business owner and the head of marketing to review our findings. This was so successful that two weeks later we held another workshop with Head of Store Operations and  the company’s retail strategist.  It was a great way of discussing the store and its locality and how we could all improve the retail experience.

What 360 did for the client was to take them away from the day to day politics of the store and the distractions of running the business and sit down and review the store and discuss with others  in an office environment.


First Workshop:

Second Workshop:


But don’t just take our word for it hear what the customer had to say following the second workshop.


If you want to use 360 video to look at your stores or an event give us a call we will be happy to help.


call us on 0114 2728888, email jon.bailey@proco.com and who knows what exciting solutions we could bring to you. If you fancy a workshop like Cardzone on 360 or any subject you wish. Or if you want a free tour produced for you to see what is possible book a 360 session at ProCo Spark and you will be able to have your own 360 tour of your office or retail environment.


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